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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

For so long I thought I had to make people happy and be loved that way. For so long I thought that my purpose was to help people by sacrificing myself or my own happiness. For so long I felt guilty for being beautiful and thought I had to hide my beauty. For so long I felt that God was nowhere to be seen.

Yesterday while watching Twin Flame Ascension School Classes (TFAS), I went deeper with the knowing and feeling of how perfect everything is when I choose love as my teacher and not pain. Pain feels like a punishment and love always feels good. Love takes you out of your comfort zone and it might be uncomfortable sometimes, yes. But love feels good overall.

For so long (Over and over again) in my life I allowed people to walk on me because I thought that I was the one who was doing something wrong, but now I know what was really happening is that I was not loving myself enough. This is something I had to heal in my Twin Flame journey and it has only gotten better and better.


The only reason why others are not loving you the way you desire is because you are not loving yourself enough.

You fear your own power and your own divinity because somewhere in your consciousness you are holding onto the illusion that you can't have it all, that heaven is not real and that God somehow abandoned you. Heal that and keep going stronger than ever towards your perfect life because God is no bullshit, God is all in with you and the only thing he requires for you in order to bring you your good is to love yourself the most, and in that place where you love yourself the most, your twin flame is with you and so it is all of your good.

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