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Fabiola M. 
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Growing and ascending! It has been almost two months since I started the sessions with Daniela. Every week the magic arose in my heart at the same time that I shared with my Latin American colleagues my experiences and dreams, that gives me great joy because together we can move forward on a path of elevation, healing patterns with the hope of live in the wonderful world we dramed of as children, and have it in the present and in the bright future where Love reigns. While Daniela guides us with all her experience as a psychologist and ascension coach, she aligns herself with us, with infinite patience and tenderness she accompanies us and embraces us for the next step and in this way we are taking smiles from the heart and manifesting the light of our inner self. She humbly asks us questions so that we can overcome our blockages and connect with the mirror excercise. Respecting our time, without demands, with infinite patience. "Being the best version of ourselves" is a guide of my New Age Buddhism group, and perfectly matches Daniela's objective. With her I have also been able to harmonize my religion with the path of twin flames and treasure the book : "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover" that I read with so much illusion on Kindle on November 8, 2020, book or musical box from where all the themes that we are working to heal in a harmonic way arise. It supports me to connect with that little girl that I was awakening dormant dreams and facing my fears, I go step by step, achieving peace in my heart, going through storms and

upheaval. It is my decision to continue on the path of Ascención, acting to grow, with the candid smile that Daniela gives us in all the sessions. In her I see the spirit of her teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, whose brilliant successor she is. Thank you very much.


Brian L. 
Fairfield, United States.

Working with Dany has been one of the best and most effective things I have done in my healing journey. Dany is a true healer.. intuitive, insightful, intelligent, loving, direct, clear, compassionate, kind. Dany is connected with source, her gurus Jeff and Shaleia, and Christ Consciousness. She sees deeply into her clients and situations using her innate gifts as a healer and she has combined that with her mastery of psychology and ascension coaching. Dany really cares and loves her clients deeply. All of this together in one package makes Dany a truly unique and powerful healer. So for all of the mentioned reasons I can 100% recommend anyone who wants to go deeper with healing separation consciousness to coach with Dany, I dont think you will regret it.


Alejandra R. 
Bogotá, Colombia.

"I have been working with Dany for about 8 months. I strongly believe that it is very important to have guidance in the process of transformation and self-knowledge. Dany is the best guide I could ever have, she is very professional and in addition to her professionalism, she is very loving and spiritual. She has helped me to go deeper into myself, connect with my higher self and with God. I am very grateful for her love and compassion towards me. She has helped me see that that the most important thing is that God is the center of my life and I am the priority of my life. I have come to understand that coming into Union with God is possible and my commitment with my ascension journey and the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia will bring me my Harmonious Twin Flame Union."


Verónica T. 
Madrid, Spain.

Today I want to share my experience since working with Dany. I started my spiritual path and Dany, my Ascension Coach, came into my life. My life has taken a 180 turn and I have managed to heal layer by layer each one of my blockages and I am still working on it because healing is for life, but the most important thing is to put the focus on ourselves and look inside ourselves because there is everything that we are looking for outside. We must surrender to God and let go of control and let us flow and above all invest in ourselves that we are the priority. I recommend Dany 100%.


Giss R. 
Quito, Ecuador.

I have been working with Dany since January, I have felt a radical change in my life. Dany is a very professional person, she has a wide preparation to teach and guide people. I can feel her love in each session, her teachings have been key in order to transform my life. I feel very happy with all the changes that I have been experiencing and I am ready to receive more. I highly recommend her as a coach.

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