Maite S.

"My personal experience working with Dany has set the beginning of a life-learning journey that has changed my life. After our spiritual coaching sessions, I’ve come to the realization that something has finally clicked in my life because I know that God is using her as a tool to guide me to really know him. Throughout our sessions, Dany has shared her own experiences humbly in such a touching manner that it has made me relate to her in so many ways, but mostly it had taught me that all of us can reach Harmonious Union by choice, it all starts with that “a choice”. 

My journey began a couple of months ago, and having her as my spiritual guide is so comforting because I’ve felt all of her love and peace in every spiritual session. 

Dany is an enlightened daughter of God, who conveys her spirituality, love, and teachings so deeply, that I could definitely confirm that my life has shifted into a more positive way of living and communicating with others. 

Even though I have not reached my Harmonious Twin Flame Union physically YET, I am just enjoying each milestone of the process by recognizing God’s presence within me, the true meaning of self-love and compassion.

I totally recommend working with Dany, as I said she’s been such an inspiration for me and many, and you can confirm this fact by watching her videos, feeling her amazing energy and love. "

Abeer N.

"The relationship with an Ascension coach is very unique. This is a very intimate and a relationship of trust; when I chose Dany as my one coach she told me that she will hold my hand and take me all the way to my Harmonious Union and boy she did! I am so grateful for having her as my coach. She is so passionate about her work, her knowledge, wisdom and relentless belief in me is what always continues to inspire me in my own twinflame journey and lifepurpose. She always is motivating and lovingly guiding me to my next level of greatness as she always says we are our own superheroes

Don’t think twice and trust your instinct in selecting her as your coach as she will take you to your Heaven and beyond!!!"

© 2019 by Dany Caicedo.


Please note that if you are more than ten minutes late to your session, you will forfeit your session, unless it has been arranged beforehand. 
Due to the nature of this work, all sales are final. 
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